Class Pricing & Fees

For the SMART Program at The Mind Shrine

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See below for the current one-time fee for the general adult 8-week class and breakdown. Please note that there are no class refunds at anytime and that once signed up, you are committed to the 8 classes. Fees may vary depending on the class type. Stay tuned for other specific classes added (they will be updated on this page). For payment next steps or general inquires, please email me at or visit my "Contact Me" page on my site. Thanks!

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General 8-Week SMART Class for Adults (18+)


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  • Program manual to keep (approx 200 pages) with interactive exercises and valuable information at $50 value. 

  • Access to Benson Henry Institute guided meditation audios.

  • Weekly recap emails from Hannah summarizing the class material along with PDF resources related to the topic discussed.

  • Value of $43 per week per 2 hour class for the 8 weeks.

  • Or Value of  $21 per class hour for the 8 weeks.

  • A unforgettable fun & therapeutic experience!