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Individual SMART Coaching 

Group Classes Not Your Thing? Don't Stress! Let's meet 1:1

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If you would like more individualized support while still learning the core of Stress Management & Resiliency Training, 1:1 SMART coaching might be for you!  These private class sessions are designed to  be more customized for your needs while we build a more personal strength-based alliance to thwart the negative impacts of stress. If you believe that this model might a better option for  your goals versus the traditional class, please feel free to reach out for a free phone consultation or message with any inquiries. Please see below for fees and scheduling options for this version of SMART.

Let's start your self-care empowerment journey, together!


Scheduling Info 

Just as the traditional SMART classes offered, individual sessions remain on Zoom at this time. Participants could opt for two hour weekly meetings for 8 weeks or one hour weekly meetings for 16 weeks.

Please contact for specific scheduling needs. 

Also Please Note: Desired Scheduling Option Would Also Depend on the Instructor's Availability Depending on Time/Date of Inquiry 

Guided Meditation

More Benefits of 1:1 SMART Coaching 

Learn the same evidence-based coping skills that the traditional 8-week course reviews, but in a more personal & private setting.  In individual SMART coaching, the course is adapted  to focus on how to cope with your own unique stressors. SMART Manual still included

Please contact me for inquires, questions, or scheduling needs regarding this option! 

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Pricing & Policies

Please note that there are no refunds at anytime when committed to SMART 1:1 Coaching. However, rescheduling is permitted (24 hour notice is ideal with the exception of emergencies), make-up sessions are allowed, and flex scheduling is doable if needed.  Fee is $1050  for the coaching experience. This would be roughly $65 per 1 hour of personalized Stress Management and Resiliency Training.

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